About Scoops N Treats

Scoops N Treats offers the world's favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof. Our emphasis is on high-quality desserts, good customer service and an overall amazing dining experience for all of our customers.

Does a fluffy pancake as a dessert fix everything for you? Great! Just ask a local ‘where is the best dessert restaurant near me in Hamilton?’ Definitely, they will say ‘Scoops N Treats’ has got everything you could ever want from a dessert place!

Anyone with a passion for sweet things will be naturally attracted to the delicious creations available on our menu. The chefs at our restaurant only use top-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

We offer the best homemade waffles that are great for a weekend brunch. Try our classic Strawberry Waffle that is crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and full of buttery vanilla flavour! It tastes as perfect as it sounds!

You can find us at 70 Cadzow St, Hamilton ML3 6DS. Come over and savour our freshly baked hot Cookie Dough, Ice cream Sundae, delectable caramel shortcake and more in the ambiance of our lively café.

Whether you're looking for a nutrient-packed antioxidant Smoothie or a special Chocolate Shake to satisfy your sweet tooth, we've got the perfect menu for you. Our tasty desserts from jaw-dropping Strawberry Milkshakes to the Morning Boost Smoothies are sure to hit the spot.

If you are looking for an easy way to place your order, use our website that is offering an exclusive 10% discount on online orders. Browse our online menu. Click & collect it at your convenience.

We are proud to announce that Scoops N Treats has partnered with Mealzo Family. Tap the link https://mealzo.co.uk/ and order now to save up to 30% off your orders over £15!

Whenever you need us, we are here for you! Just call us at 01698223152.  


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